Monday, July 20, 2009

the girl i love


i've been one busy mama, juggling alot of tough issues with the adoption(s), and not to mention the girl has gots lots of enerG! i want to share the struggles, emotions and her stories with you. she is my sunshine girl!

since the moment we decided to adopt, we have been bombarded with many low blow hits of disctraction,family illness, financial struggle and the truth of who you can trust and call friend. i have been growing sooooo much through the very challenging moments. i want to show you my heart, its brokenness and its joys, yet i have discovered that there are those lurking who have tried to take my most cherished freedom (of expression) and use it to judge me. it has caused me to be guarded for awhile, yet dont ever take my soft spokenness or silence for weakeness......i'm a very stubborn Child of the Freedom go ahead make my day- i will NOT be silent long! the Truth sets me free darlin!! it might appear like i'm getting no where, but appearances are deceiving......those are just circumstances that only make me stronger!!

one of the most heartwrenching news was that our other daughter we were planning to adopt, will not after all be ours. months have passed and i of course i feel extremely selfish as i say this.... i do not want to "replace" her.

so at this moment though the future of our family is unknown... i continually draw near to my one trusted Source of Strength while the current five of us continue to grow in LOVE and unity! together we are sunshine on a rainy day!!!

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