Thursday, December 25, 2008


I'm attempting to keep the order of Dieunikas story but I MUST interupt and inject that after a manic few weeks of missing paperwork for her medical visa, not to mention disappointment, heart ache and missing her terribly.....SHE's HOME!! The greatest Christmas present EVER! Her FIRST CHRISTMAS with us! My family is so overwhelmed with joy! Daddy can't stop kissing her!

kiss daddy

dieunikas first christmas

This is only the beginning of our adoption process, but we are soooooo extremely thankful for the miracle that we have her here with us now. God went before us and all the frustration prior was erased with the issue of her medical visa in ONE day!!! My heart does ache for her mother and father. Their last spent time with her was just a half a day of running around and then waiting for the issuance, as they had to be present for the interview for the medical visa. The look in their eyes as they had a quick goodbye on the side of the road as we left them in the city pierced my heart. With tears in her eyes her mother kissed my cheek and reminded me to please keep in touch. I could barely spit out I will, I will. My tears were nothing to their pain. Once they left, the silence was like a sharp sword of reality. How hard to want to rejoice, especially knowing someone else's sadness and sacrifice. Please keep them in your prayers! All the honor goes to them for their love of Dieunika.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


As we deplaned in Port au Prince, I carried her down the steps on my hip. We continued across the long walkway into immigration, past the drummers and welcome signs. I could feel my heartbeat increase and the blood rushing to my head. Taking a deep breath I smiled bravely to her and whispered "We're going to see your Mommy and Papa!". She nodded. Cindy and Joe walked silently next to us. The echo of our footsteps loud. Here we are.

Our passports stamped and bags rolling out into the sun, we looked for their faces. Unfortunately they were not there. Later we found out they had been told to come to the orphanage. We then decided to find food and take the winding road up the mountain to explore the Baptist Mission. We had originally planned on taking the parents with us to talk.


I remember seeing them sitting on the steps of the clinic when the truck pulled into Barabara's village later that day. My mind was calm, I felt peace. I trust you God. I trust you. My eyes closed for just a second to recognize, this wasn't an ending but a beginning. Of excatly what I did not know.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dieunika and her parents November 2008

dieunika and her parents

The amazing parents who love their little girl so incredibly that they sought help for her internationally. She was born without a bowel. The limited Haitian doctors at her birth created an opening in her stomach for her. Her parents from the very beginning were at a great disadvantage, living in a country where extreme poverty, disease and lacking medical treatment are an everday reality.

Upon her return in November her father recalled to us, the desperate situation that Dieunika's first few years of life consisted of. She had a surgery at birth and another one not to long after. He went to many doctors,hospitals and agencies seeking medical care for her from the day she was born. To her parents she is one of a kind and in desperate need of attention, yet compare that to the incredible amount of sick,starving and dying children and you will get a glimpse of the urgency fading into a sea of faces. This heartbreaking picture is what they lived everyday. He did the best he could with what he had. In a country where working for an 8 hour day is actually a prime luxury and if your really lucky an average day of enduring hard labor you just might earn 20US dollars. Her medical care costs were over the top. They lived one day at a time. Her mother scrubbed her hands and nails to the point of bleeding to ensure that she could keep this open wound free of infection. If you've ever been too or seen photos of Haiti you will have an idea how incredible that this little one did not die due to a parasite or infection! With heart felt emotion her father explains to us after her second surgery, she wouldn't eat and therfore lost alot of weight and they almost lost her. He didn't want her to endure like this any more. So he saught help from the Consulate which brought her situation to Reach Out to Haiti Orphanage.

In steps that could only be connected by God, Air Mobile Ministries became aware of her situtaion. Particularly volunteer Joe Prussell who was so moved by this little girls families desperate grasp for an ordinary life. Upon return after an unrelated mission, Joe Prussel set out to get her the medical attention she needed. Together with Air Mobile Ministries founder Joe Hurston and his wife Cindy, a RN they were able to get her here to the US and meet her medical needs. For over 7 months the Hurstons nurtured this little girl with love and commitment through two surgeries. During this time my family and I helped care for Dieunika as well. Taking each painful step of surgery with her as well as experiencing a lot of first times for her! These moments in time had captured our hearts forever. Watching her sleep I would pray for her future, for her parents and for my heart not to break when she went home. My tears felt so selfish, I wanted what was best for her, yet my heart was breaking for that day we would have to leave her forever. Cindy and I had discussed we would visit her often and try to keep a connection with her. When we came to the time to return her to her parents, both the Hurstons and our family were experiencing with torn hearts the great emotion of letting her go.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

to go back, where it all started

she's walking down the sidewalk
with this hot pink purse with a silver glitter strap
she's wearing new shoes cindy just bought her
cindy's holding her hand and walking into the Air Mobile building
she doesn't smile much, obviously a little overwhelmed
so i bend down to her
and make a comment about her sparkly new purse
cindy said she let her pick out her own
looking at her face i see
the glitter from the strap has made it on to her face
i smile big
her dark eyes stare at me blankly
this is her first of many days at the office.