Saturday, September 5, 2009

before you adopt, educate yourself!!


Unethical practices and adoption scams do not only happen to adoptive parents. Expectant mothers, birth parents, adoptees and adoption professionals are also at risk. The key to an ethical and positive adoption journey is to educate yourself, know who you are working with and thoroughly research your options and the laws. In order for a con to be successful, often times the con will hide under the cloak of legitimate professionals. Or simply not hide at all.

Ethics in adoption is a MUST!

Education is the KEY!

I RECOMMEND THIS for anyone planning to adopt. Please do NOT trust someone without researching. I would not advise using a facilitator without a lawyer (you trust and researched).

I know sometimes in our heart to love and help children

we can make emotional decisions. PLEASE educate yourself. Its possible you can save yourself from a disastrous

outcome if you invest the time.

Please visit this site if you plan to adopt.

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